How To Get News Alerts?

Make a notification Go to Google Alerts and sign up for a free account. Enter a subject you’d like to follow in the top box. Click Show options to alter your preferences. You have the ability to alter: What is the frequency with which you get notifications? The kinds of websites you’ll come upon. Your phrasing. Create an alert by clicking the Create Alert button. When we locate matching search results, we’ll send you an email.

Similarly, How do I get news Alerts on my phone?

Tap your Profile photo or initial in the upper right corner. Select News settings from the drop-down menu. Tap Notifications under ‘Alerts.’ Turn on Get alerts if you want to receive notifications.

Also, it is asked, How do I get breaking news on my iPhone?

You can use your iPhone or iPod touch to do this. Open the News app on your device. Select the Next tab. Tap Notifications & Email at the bottom of the page. You can choose which channels give you alerts from here. Get audio briefings from Apple News Today sent to your inbox. If you subscribe to Apple News+, you’ll be alerted when new magazine editions become available.

Secondly, How do I set up Google News Alerts on my phone?

Here’s how to enable or disable the functionality. Tap “Apps” from the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, tap the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: If updates appear in the notification area, the “Notifications” option determines whether they do so.

Also, How do I set up Google News Alerts on my iPhone?

Modify your notification settings. Open the Google News app on your mobile device. Tap your picture in the upper right corner. Select News settings from the drop-down menu. Select Notifications from the menu. Turn on Get alerts if you want to receive notifications. To limit the number of alerts you get, touch a figure between “Low” and “High” under “Number of notifications.”

People also ask, Why am I not getting News notifications on my iPhone?

Tap Notifications in the Settings menu. Under Notification Style, choose an app. Select the alert style you desire under Alerts. If you choose Allow Alerts, you may select whether to get notifications instantly or in a scheduled notification summary.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I get CNN News Alerts?

Android: Tap the Profile button in the CNN app, then choose Android Notification Settings. Open the Settings app on your iOS device, then hit Notifications, then CNN. You may personalize your CNN app alerts here.

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How do I get CNN Alerts on my iPhone?

The CNN App for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available in the App Store. Get your hands on CNN. Now is the time to get it. Are you looking for financial and business news?

How do I get BBC News Alerts on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Notifications on your device’s home screen and choose the BBC News app from the list. Make sure that all choices are turned off and that the Alert Style is None. – To enable alerts, follow these steps: Set the Alert Style to either Banners or Alerts from the same panel.

What is the best free news app for iPhone?

For your iPhone, these are the top ten news apps. Flipboard is a free app. For iPhone, there’s Flipboard. Zite is available for free. For iPhone, there’s Zite. CNN Mobile is a free app. CNN Mobile is available for iPhone (International edition) Free Breaking News. For iPhone users, there’s a new app called Breaking News. Pulse is a no-cost service. Pulse is an iPhone app. AP Mobile is a free application. For iPhone, there’s AP Mobile. Zinio is a free online magazine. Stumbleupon is a free service.

Why is my Google News feed not working?

The app does not update. Open your app and slide down on the screen to receive fresh stories. Make sure you’re connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Learn how to erase your app’s cache and data if it closes or if specified content is blank.

Where is the Google News app?

On your Android smartphone, open the Google Play Store app. Google News is a good place to start. Locate and touch the Google entry. Install should be selected.

How do you follow a news story?

To obtain more or fewer articles, follow these steps: Follow or unfollow a subject, a location, or a publication Pursue a passion Open Google News on your Android phone or tablet. Tap Search at the top of the screen. Tap a listed interest or search for a subject, location, or magazine. Follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I turn on News on iPhone?

Turn on News in iCloud settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud on your Apple device. Make sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID across all of your devices. Select News from the list of applications (if it isn’t already selected).

Why is my phone not giving me notifications?

Notifications aren’t showing up on Android because Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode are turned on. Notifications from the system or the app are turned off. Apps are unable to get notification alerts due to power or data settings. Outdated programs or OS software might cause apps to stop or crash, preventing alerts from being sent.

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Why is my iPhone not notifying me when I receive a text 2021?

In the Settings app, go to “Notifications” > “Messages.” Step 3: Ensure that the “Allow Notificationsoption is enabled. You may also choose the position of the alerts, the banner design, and the sounds here.

Is there a free CNN app?

The CNN streaming app is free, but you’ll need a cable subscription and a login to watch the network online. CNN, like many other applications such as HBO Go, does not offer a free app available to everyone.

Does CNN have a widget for iPhone?

CNN’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch app received an upgrade today with two new features that certain users may appreciate: a Today widget for iOS 8’s Notification Center and a sports section.

How much does CNN app cost?

How much does CNN+ set you back? The service is $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. What is the location of CNN+? CNN+ may be seen using a web browser, the CNN mobile app (Android and iOS), or the CNN app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

What app has CNN?

Hulu Live TV and DIRECTV STREAM accounts are now required to use the CNN app. You may also use your Hulu Live TV or DIRECTV STREAM credentials to watch CNN on your television by downloading the CNN app to your Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

How do I get BBC News Alerts on my phone?

The alerts will then appear in the Android notification area (accessed by dragging down the status bar). Users with Android 4 and above who have the BBC News app version 2 or higher may utilize the service. Visit the Play Store on your device to get the newest version.

How do I get notifications from BBC?

To begin, click the bell at the top of the page to activate your alerts panel. Then, by clicking the “Settings” button, you may switch on or off your notifications.

How do I get BBC News on my phone?

The BBC News app is now available for Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. The software is available for free download. Download the official BBC News app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. The BBC and its worldwide network of journalists provide the most up-to-date and breaking news.

Is Apple News free on iPhone?

In the Today stream, you may read select Apple News items for free. A membership is required to access premium content.

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What news app comes with iPhone?

The News app gathers all of the news you want to read on the subjects that interest you the most, from your favorite sources. You may customize News by selecting from a variety of publications (referred to as channels) and themes such as Entertainment, Food, and Science. To use News, you’ll need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Is there a free news app?

On Android and iPhones, the Google News and Weather apps is now available for free. The news comes from Google News, which compiles the most important stories from online publications.

How do I get Google News to refresh automatically?

Users may configure their personal news to update automatically by going to their News Settings and choosing “automatically reload the page every fifteen minutes” (found by clicking the gear icon at the top of the Google News homepage)

How do I get news on my Google homepage?

Web-based settings may be changed. Go to Google News for more information. Click Menu if you don’t see the menu on the left. To modify a setting, go to the bottom left and select Settings. Click Language & Region to change your language or location.

How do I reset Google News?

The app allows you to change your settings. Open the Google News app on your phone. Tap your Profile photo or initial in the upper right corner, then News settings. Change the setting by tapping it.

How do I set up Google News?

Open the Google News app on your mobile device. Tap your picture in the upper right corner. Select Settings Daily tech news that matters to you Follow or unfollow a subject, a location, or a publication. Like or disapprove of certain tales on a subject or from a particular source. Hide a source’s stories.


Google alerts is a simple way to get news alerts. It allows you to type in the topics that interest you, and it will alert you when new articles are posted on those topics.

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