What Channel Is Npr News Radio Station?

Similarly, What FM channel is NPR news?

89.3 MHz

Also, it is asked, How can I listen to NPR news?

NPR.org. NPR’s home page may be found at www.npr.org. NPR.org delivers a wide choice of NPR and Member Station audio across all platforms. Play your station live (clickLive Radio“) or listen to our regular Newscast updates, programs, podcasts, and music (click “Our Picks”).

Secondly, What is the frequency of NPR?

Connecticut Public Radio broadcasts on the following frequencies 24 hours a day: 90.5 FM (this transmitter covers the Hartford/New Haven region) WNPR and WNPR H-D 1 Meriden At 89.1 FM, WPKT and WPKT H-D 1 Norwich (this transmitter covers the Norwich/New London region)

Also, Can I listen to NPR on radio?

Starting at 9 p.m. ET, listen to NPR’s live special coverage and analysis of the address on the NPR One app. You may also listen on NPR in your area.


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