What Happened To Channel 4 News Anchor?

Similarly, Who passed away from Channel 4 news?

Wendy Rieger, NBC4 Washington anchor and reporter, died of brain cancer at the age of 65. Wendy Rieger, a veteran NBC4 Washington anchor and reporter, died of brain cancer on Saturday. The news station wrote on Twitter that “we lost our clever, lively, amazing Wendy Rieger today.”

Also, it is asked, Who recently left Channel 4?

Larry Spruill, a broadcast reporter who joined WDIV-TV (Channel 4) in 2018 during a polar vortex, announced his departure on Thursday. He said that his final day is also the last day of the year.

Secondly, What happened to Wendy Rieger on Channel 4 news?

Wendy Rieger, a veteran News4 anchor and reporter, died of Glioblastoma on Saturday morning. Wendy died away while clutching the hand of her husband, Dan. She was 65. Wendy had a knack of lighting up the screen for over 35 years.

Also, What happened to Leon Harris on NBC4?

“I let a lot of people down,” Harris said. “That’s why I went on my own to reflect and do some rigorous treatment on myself with some very, very harsh specialists to regain control of this illness of alcoholism.”

People also ask, How old was Wendy Rieger?

65 years (1956–2022) Wendy Rieger’s Death Age

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When did Wendy Rieger pass away?

Wendy Rieger Appointment / Death Date

What happened to Daniella Guzman on NBC News?

Daniella Guzman and Kris Gutierrez have returned to Houston NBC affiliate KPRC to lead the station’s 6 and 10 p.m. weekday newscasts. She will begin on January 10th. In December 2021, Guzman signed off at the KNBC in Los Angeles to return home.

How old is Colleen Williams?

(Ma)Colleen Williams, 67 years old

How old is Leon Harris?

61 years (Ap.) Age / Leon Harris

Who is Leon Harris married to?

Leon Harris / Spouse Dawn Lomax

What is Angie Goff nationality?

American Nationality / Angie Goff

Is Wendy Rieger still alive?

Wendy Rieger Appointment / Death Date

How old is Doreen Gentzler?

64 years (Septem.) Age / Doreen Gentzler

Where did Wendy Rieger go to college?

University of America

Where did Wendy reiger live?

Wendy built a house in Rappahannock County, Virginia, where former Storm Team4 Chief Meteorologist Bob Ryan claimed the skies were ideal for her.

Is Daniella Guzman leaving?

KPRC-TV announced in November that Guzman would return to Houston in January 2022 to anchor KPRC 2 News at 6 and 10 p.m. Dominique Sachse, who left the station three days before the announcement, will be replaced by Guzman.

What nationality is Daniela Guzman?

American Nationality: Daniella Guzman

What high school did Daniella Guzman attend?

Clements High School, University of St. Thomas

Who is the new anchor on Today in LA?

Robin Winston is the Traffic Anchor for NBC4’s award-winning morning program “Today in LA,” which airs weekdays between 4 and 7 a.m. Winston provides real-time traffic data to Southern California drivers, assisting them in navigating the region’s many highways and freeways.

Who is Colleen Williams husband?

Dudley, Jon Husband / Colleen Williams (m. 1991)

Did Chuck Henry retire?

Charles Robert Henry (born Janu) is a journalist from the United States Henry, Chuck JournalistYears of experience 1966–present Television KHVH-TV (1966–1971) KENI-TV (1967–1968) KABC-TV (1971–1978, 1982–1993) WMAQ-TV (1978–1982) You Can See It Now (1989) Janu–present, KNBC Children 41 more row

How much money does Leon Harris make?

Annual Salary of Leon Harris Harris earns a yearly income ranging from $24,292 to $72,507. This amounts to a $10.15 to $31.32 hourly pay on average.

Was Jim Vance married?

Vance, Kathy McCampbell Jim Vance / Partner (m. 1987)

Where is Aaron Gilchrist?

Aaron Gilchrist, an anchor for NBC4 in New York, has joined NBC News as an anchor for NBC News NOW, the network’s streaming news service.

Is Shawn Yancy married?

Wiseman, Marcus Shawn Yancy / Husband (m. 1993)

Is Angie Goff married?

Ellis, Robert Spouse Angie Goff

Where did Angie Goff go to high school?

Herndon High School is a public high school in Herndon, Virginia. University of George Mason

How old is Holly Morris?

51 years old (1971) Age / Holly Morris

Who is Doreen Gentzler’s co anchor?

At 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., Doreen Gentzler hosts News4. She also works as a medical reporter for the station, providing up-to-date health bulletins for all of the station’s newscasts. Gentzler and Jim Vance have been anchoring together for 28 years, making them one of the most experienced anchor teams in the nation.

Who is Eun Yang married to?

Eun Yang / Spouse Robert Kang (m. 2001)

What happened Jim Vance?

Vance disclosed his cancer diagnosis in early 2017 and used the chance to reflect on his incredible life. On July 22 of that year, he passed away. On the four-year anniversary of Vance’s death, one District resident said on Twitter, “He will always be part of the fabric of D.C.”

Did Wendy Rieger have siblings?

She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from American University in 1980. Her first marriage, to CNN producer Sol Levine, ended in divorce. She married Dan Buckley, a former WRC news photographer, in 2021. Three brothers are among the survivors, in addition to her spouse.

Who is Danielle Guzman married to?

Gonzalez, Hector Daniella Guzman is a wife (m. 2005)

How old is Daniella Guzman?

40 years (Febru.) Age: Daniella Guzman

What happened to Kris Gutierrez?

Chris Gutierrez worked at KPRC for a time between 2003 and 2007. After working at KXAS in Dallas, Chris returned to KPRC in March 2020. After almost two years as an anchor and reporter at KPRC, he did quit in February.

Is Christine Noel leaving KPRC?

Christine Noel, morning anchor of KUSA, is leaving Denver for a position at KPRC in Houston, Texas. Her final day at the Tegna-owned station will be Dec. 28 after five years.

Does KPRC have a new anchor?

Kris’s last day is February.” Gutierrez returned to KPRC in March 2020 to co-anchor with Dominique Sachse, who departed the television industry in October 2021 to concentrate on her impending book and YouTube channel. He takes up the seat left vacant by Bill Balleza, who announced his retirement at the start of 2020.

Where is Jacob Rascon now?

Jacob Rascon’s new job at abc13 KTRK is to join anchors Samica Knight and Rita Garcia on the station’s morning program.

Who are hosts on Today show?

Guthrie, Savannah Carson Daly Welker, Kristen Geist, Willie


Channel 4 News Anchor, Jon Snow, has been absent from the show for a long time. The Channel 4 news anchor is female and was not seen on the show since December of 2017.

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The “channel 4 morning news team” is a British television station that broadcasts news and current affairs programming. The anchor of the Channel 4 News, Jon Snow, has recently left his position to join ITV’s rival channel.

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