What Happened To Jamie Holmes On Channel 9 News?

Similarly, Does Jamie Holmes still work for Channel 9 news?

There is currently no information on what happened to Jamie. His LinkedIn page indicates he was an anchor with WFTV until June 2021, but it doesn’t show a more recent work, and he hasn’t said publicly why he quit. Since May 2021, he hasn’t updated his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

Also, it is asked, Has Jamie Holmes left WFTV?

February: After a year gone, WFTV Meteorologist Brian Shields surprised Jamie Holmes, Nancy Alvarez, Kassandra Crimi, and Deneige Broom with an impromptu visit announcing his return live on air.

Secondly, Where is Nancy Alvarez?

Channel 9 Eyewitness News in Orlando, Florida Nancy Alvarez, the host of This Morning, left the show on Wednesday to start a new job with the Heart of Florida United Way.

Also, Where is Jackie Brockington now?

Orlando is such a beautiful location, and I’m very thankful for all of the chances I had there.” Opsahl and Brockington, both retired and still living in Central Florida, shared their thoughts on the current news situation.

People also ask, Who is leaving WFTV?

Vanessa Echols, who has spent almost 30 years at Orlando’s WFTV-Channel 9, revealed Thursday that she would be retiring next month to concentrate on her family after more than 40 years in broadcast journalism. Her last broadcast will take place on May 27.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Nancy Alvarez leaving WFTV?

Nancy Alvarez, anchor of Channel 9 Eyewitness News, will depart WFTV Channel 9 on November 24. Alvarez, a South Florida native, began working for Channel 9 in 2010.

Who is Jamie Holmes?

Jamie Holmes is a 25-year veteran news anchor who has covered some of the country’s most important topics from behind the desk and on the field.

Who are the morning anchors on WFTV?

Ashley, Phylicia Bruey, Christian. Butler, Shannon Crimi, Kassandra Deal, Jeff. Delgado, Kirstin Echols, Vanessa Edlund, Ashley

Where does Martha Sugalski live?

I’ve been a journalist for more than 20 years, and I’ve spent the most of that time in Florida. My family has called Orlando home for over a decade.

Where is Marla Weech now?

Marla Weech is a single anchor on News 13’s evening newscasts and an Emmy Award winner and 2017 Anchor Finalist for The Associated Press. In Orlando, Florida, News 13 is a 24-hour multi-platform news channel.

Where is Vanessa Echols?

Vanessa Lorraine Echols (born Novem) is a television journalist who works for WFTV in Orlando, Florida, as the noon and 4 p.m. news anchor.

Who is Denise broom?

Deneige Broom became an anchor for Channel 9’s Eyewitness News This Morning in January 2022. She came to Charlotte from WFTV in Orlando, where she spent many years (during two stints) covering issues that changed the town, including the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy and George Zimmerman’s trial.

Did Vanessa Echols retire?

Vanessa Echols announces her retirement from the journalism industry after 40 yearsWFTV.

Where is Kristin Delgado now?

Kirstin Delgado made her major debut on WFTV Nov. 29 as a news anchor for Channel 9 Eyewitness News This Morning. Delgado is returning to Central Florida after working as an anchor and reporter for WINK-TV in Ft. Myers for three years.

Who are the Channel 9 news reporters?

Team TODAY Show News Stefanovic, Karl Allison Langdon is a TODAY host. Alex Cullen, host of TODAY. Tim Davies, host of TODAY Sports. Brooke Boney, TODAY Weather Presenter David Campbell, TODAY’s Entertainment Reporter Richard Wilkins hosts the TODAY Show. Jayne Azzopardi, Entertainment Editor Today’s news reader for the weekend.

Who is Martha Sugalski married to?

Robert Reich, a businessman

How many sons does Greg Warmoth have?

Tyler, a pitcher and finance student at Stetson University, and Logan, a junior and baseball player at Lake Brantley High School, are the other sons of the WFTV anchor.

Why does Vanessa Echols cover her left arm?

I acquired lymphedema as a result of the quantity of lymph nodes removed, which is why I usually wear a compression sleeve on my left arm (unless I’m sleeping) to reduce swelling. I’ve been cancer-free for over 15 years and am thankful for each and every day.

Did Kristin Delgado leave WINK News?

It was a pleasure to share their tales, and I will continue to do so here in Central Florida. I came to Southwest Florida after four years at WOFL, where I worked as a breaking news anchor at WINK, alerting the community to the most important news overnight and preparing viewers for their day.

Who left WINK News?

On July 31, the WINK News employees got the following email: “Fort Myers Broadcasting Company/WINK News no longer employs Matt Dougherty. Please keep in mind our normal security processes.” “When they dismissed me for no cause, I was stunned and sick to my stomach. My contract was up in two years.

Who anchors the Today show?

Guthrie, Savannah Carson Daly Welker, Kristen Geist, Willie

Who is the traffic girl on Channel 9?

Scholl, Hannah

How much do 9 news anchors make?

At Nine Entertainment, news reporter salaries may vary from $95,322 to $104,813.

Why did Brian Shields return?

Shields left WFTV late last year to spend more time with his family, concentrate on his children’s book series, and start a new job at Bishop Moore Catholic High School, after almost 15 years as a meteorologist at the ABC station. He described the BMC community as “really remarkable.”

Who owns WFTV Orlando?

Cox Media Group is a media conglomerate.

How long has Greg Warmoth been with WFTV?

Anchor. I came to WFTV in 1986 from KSTP in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was WFTV’s weekend sports anchor for the first 11 years, covering some game-changing events such as Orlando’s NBA franchise acquisition and the teams’ march to the NBA Finals.

Who’s leaving the Today show?

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is reducing her schedule and departing NBC’s “Weekend Today” after almost ten years to spend more time with her family. During the week, she’ll be the weather reporter for “Today.” On Saturday’s sendoff performance, she stated, “I truly don’t want to walk away.”

Who is the new guy Tom on the Today show?

Llamas Tom

Is Craig Melvin leaving the Today show?

Craig Melvin, a longtime MSNBC presenter, offered an emotional goodbye during his network discussion show’s last broadcast on Thursday.

Who is Maria Ivanovic?

She’s an actress, model, and radio host, but her most well-known role is as a traffic reporter on Channel Nine’s Today program. Marina Ivanovic works hard and plays hard, like she did on Monday when she stripped down to her bikini for a day at the beach in sunny Sydney.

Who is Marina ivanovic?

Ivanovic, Marina Marina Ivanovic, an LGBTQ+ campaigner working to increase workplace diversity, has risen from a tiny IT & iGaming firm in Malta to Head of Recruitment at Kolibri Games.


Jamie Holmes, a longtime anchor on Channel 9 News in Washington D.C., abruptly left his job and has not been seen since. The anchor was reportedly fired from the station for an unspecified reason.

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Jamie Holmes on Channel 9 News has been with the station since 2008. He was also a co-anchor of “9 News at 5” and “9 News at 6”. In January, he announced that he would be leaving the station for personal reasons. Reference: wftv anchors leaving.

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