What Happened To Michelle Dunaway On 9 And 10 News?

Similarly, Who left Fox 17 news?

FOX 17’s Leigh Ann Towne is putting her coupon clippers and crafting tools away after 11 years to concentrate on her flourishing High Five Bargain Bling company. On Wednesday, February 23rd, Leigh Ann announced her resignation from FOX 17 at the conclusion of the FOX 17 Morning Mix show.

Also, it is asked, Who is Michelle Dunaway?

Twitter / Michelle Dunaway (@MichelleDunaway). FOX 17 anchor/reporter, wife, mother, runner, triathlete, equestrienne, cuisine, wine, and travel enthusiast.

Secondly, What happened to Derek Francis on Fox 17 news?

Derek is leaving the broadcast news field to explore other interests and spend more time with his family. “The news team, culture, leadership, and support I’ve had at FOX 17 over the last seven years have been by far the finest of my 26-year career!”

Also, Where did Alyssa hearin go?

Alyssa presently works as the Morning Anchor/Reporter for WXMI FOX17 News in Grand Rapids, MI, where she shares stories with her audience throughout west Michigan.

People also ask, Did Mike Avery leave 17?

Mike Avery is leaving television news to go on a new journey in California with his family. Mike and Deanna have a special place in our hearts at FOX 17. We wish them both the best of luck.

Related Questions and Answers

Who left WZZM?

Brent Ashcroft of WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids) has resigned from television after 31 years, all of them in West Michigan, to pursue a second career as a buyer and trader of coin collections. On December 23, the station made the announcement.

Who is the new guy on Fox 17?

Meet Josh Berry, the newest anchor for FOX 17! GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (AP) – Meet Josh Berry, the newest member of the FOX 17 team.

Who is Haley Vaughn?

Haeley Vaughn (born June 5th, 1993) competed on American Idol Season 9.

Who is Derek Francis?

Derek Francis, the presenter of Incapable Staircase’s The Sunday Show, keeps celebs talking to promote Maggie’s, including his dream guest, Lorraine Kelly. Just before the epidemic, former Hollywood executive Derek Francis, 53, was told he had two years to live.

Why did Nick leave WZZM?

When I first arrived at WZZM in 2014, I fully anticipated to leave the station one day. The hours necessary to succeed in my work prevent me from being the husband and father my family requires (and that I want to be). LaFave follows a long line of Werst, Michigan-based TV personalities who have opted to retire.

Does Shanna Grove still work at WZZM?

Plaintiff started working at WZZM in March 2018 and signed a contract with defendants to supply journalistic services in February 2018. Shanna began her duty as anchor in August 2018 and renewed her contract in April 2019. 14

Where is Kirk Montgomery?

Montgomery’s new station, WILX-TV in Lansing, Michigan, is listed on his Facebook profile, where he’ll apparently anchor a 4 p.m. broadcast after 9News did not give him a new full-year contract. He also revealed his resignation with two tweets on Twitter.

Where did Elliot Grandia go?

Elliot returned to the news in 2019 as a morning anchor for the FOX and ABC stations in Rockford, Illinois.

Where is Fox 17 located in Grand Rapids?

Grand 3117 Plaza Dr NE

Who is Meaghan Thomas?

Meaghan Thomas, 31, a meteorologist for ABC station WKRN in Nashville, Tennessee, decided to reintroduce herself after obtaining a fresh batch of social media followers. She spoke about her hobbies, such as listening to country music and playing with her dog, as well as her hearing aids.

Is Jared plushnick leaving Channel 2?

Jared’s Farewell Message – News 2 What you see on TV is who Jared is away from the green screen. I like your lack of ego, your warmth and charisma, and your genuine enthusiasm for me, cuisine, fun suits, Muffin, and the weather. May all of your days be bright, sunny, and full of pleasure!

WZTV (channel 17) is a Fox and The CW-affiliated television station in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Is Fox 17 owned by Fox News?

WXMIFOX 17 is part of The E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP), which uses journalism to help people understand the world. Scripps has 60 television stations in 42 areas, making it the country’s fourth-largest independent TV station owner.

When did Fox 17 start?

Founded by Ma.WXMI

Is Nick LaFave still WZZM 13?

Nick has chosen to retire from the television industry. Friday, December 3 is his final day. “My next chapter will take place in a different state, closer to my wife’s friends and family,” Nick said.

Where is Alana Holland?

Alana Holland is looking forward to returning to West Michigan! She joined 13 ON YOUR SIDE as a reporter in January 2020. She believes in the power of narrative and the importance of journalism in exposing the truth. She grew raised in the tiny northern Michigan town of Gaylord and is a lifelong Michigander.

What channel is Fox News in Michigan?

WJBK (channel 2) is a television station in Detroit, Michigan, that broadcasts Fox network programs.

What channel is Fox in Tennessee?

On Xfinity systems in Tennessee, FOX Sports Tennessee and FOX Sports Southeast have received new HD channel numbers. As part of Xfinity’s “channel communities” arranged by programming genre, FOX Sports Tennessee can be seen on channel 1250 and FOX Sports Southeast on channel 1251.


Michelle Dunaway was a reporter for the “9 News” in Denver, Colorado. She died on February 9, 2018 from cancer at age 57.

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Michelle Dunaway was a reporter on 9 and 10 News, but she mysteriously disappeared after the show aired on Friday. Reference: kevin dunaway 9 and 10 news.

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