Who Is Leaving Channel 10 News?

Similarly, Who left channel 10 in providence?

PROVIDENCE – Kelly Bates, the former Channel 10 meteorologist whose departure from the market’s historic ratings leader prompted resentment among her followers after 17 years of advising Rhode Island viewers about the weather, has a new job: weekend meteorologist at Channel 6.

Also, it is asked, Where did Steve Atkinson go?

Steve Atkinson of Channel 10 and his wife Katherine invite Ranch & Coast to their gorgeous house in Rancho Santa Fe on a beautiful Saturday morning. The spring rains have finally given way to sunlight, which has spilled into their large indoor-outdoor living space.

Secondly, Was Lindsay iadeluca fired from Channel 10?

At NBC 10, we’re saying our goodbyes to reporter and Studio 10 anchor Lindsay Iadeluca. Lindsay, who has worked with NBC 10 for roughly four years, is moving on to a new position, although she will remain in the area.

Also, Who is Calvin Hughes wife?

Calvin Hughes / WifeBacardi L. Jackson, Esq

People also ask, Did Jacey Birch get married?

Jacey Birch, a morning anchor for WPLG-Channel 10, has filed for divorce from her three-year-long spouse, former Local 10 weatherman Trent Aric. The action follows an unpleasant incident in a parking lot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood last month.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is Steve Atkinson?

With co-anchors Lindsey Pea and Kimberly Hunt, Steve Atkinson co-anchors 10News at 5, 6, 7 and 11 p.m. In 1989, he started his career in Arkansas, but later moved to Texas, where he worked for KVUE-TV in Austin and WFAA-TV in Dallas.

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Is Patrice Wood married?

Private life. Wood is married to Paul Pabis, the director of operations and engineering at WBZ-TV, and they have two children, Stephanie and Jonathan.

What is Lindsay Iadeluca doing?

Lindsay Iadeluca is a broadcast journalist with the NBC10 WJAR morning crew in Rhode Island. She also co-hosts “Studio 10,” a lifestyle program that airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on NBC 10 in Rhode Island.

Where is Lindsay Iadeluca now?

In the month of January I experienced a brain stem stroke that rendered me speechless and paralyzed. I’m now undergoing treatment at an inpatient rehab facility.

What happened to Shannon Hegy?

He heroically battled the potentially fatal illness for ten weeks in the hospital. Shannon told 12 News viewers “Carter’s Story” to raise awareness about bacterial meningitis and urge other parents to believe their intuition. Carter, thankfully, made a complete recovery with no long-term consequences.

Where is Gina Marini now?

Gina Marini joined the Eyewitness News team as the Evening Anchor in April 2022.

Where is Calvin Hughes now?

Hughes, his wife, boys, and daughter live in Miramar, Florida.

Why did Laurie Jennings leave Channel 10?

At Channel 10, you will always remain the queen of our hearts.” Jennings announced her resignation from the anchor position on April 8 to spend more time with her elderly parents, who are 80 and 87 years old, and her twin boys, who are 13 years old.

Who is Laurie Jennings husband?

Laurie Jennings was accustomed to being in the spotlight as a television news anchor and reporter for 30 years, but her personal life became highly public during her engagement and marriage to Josh Salman.

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How old is Judy Durda?

42 years old (Janu.) Age / Julie Durda

Who is Jacey Birch married to now?

Consolo, Bobby Jacey Birch (m.?–2013) / Spouse

Why did Neki Mohan quit?

Mohan’s choice to quit Local 10 was influenced by his family’s knowledge and self-awareness gained over a lifetime. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, but after her mother, a housekeeper, and her father split, she moved to Trinidad and Tobago to live with her grandparents.

Where is Laurie Jennings now?

Laurie’s own broadcast media firm, “Laurie Jennings LIVE,” is already up and running. Laurie is giving her unique energy and skill set to firms and people wishing to improve their on-camera appearance and brand as she moves from a news anchor to a TV personality and brand ambassador.

What size is Lindsay Iadeluca?

8/10 in size

What happened Caroline Goggin?

Caroline has become an ambassador for the American Heart Association after suffering a stroke in October 2019. She was named one of the Southern New England chapter’s’storytellers’ in February 2020, giving her the chance to share her story and inspire others to study and detect the indications of stroke.

How many children does Tony Petrarca have?

three youngsters

Where did Megan Glaros go?

Megan Glaros started working at WBBM-TV in August 2010 and is currently the daily meteorologist for the morning news (from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.) and noon news (from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m.).

Is Glenn Schwartz still on NBC10?

GlennHurricaneSchwartz has seen and predicted everything. After 27 years at NBC10, the station’s long-serving top meteorologist is set to retire this week. Schwartz’s stint at NBC Philadelphia was part of a 42-year career in television news – and a half-century in the industry.

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What happened Llarisa Abreu?

She is now pursuing a second degree in meteorology at Mississippi State University. With her fiancé and dog, she likes indoor cycling, live music, and exploring new restaurants.


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