Who Is Leaving Channel 10 News?

Similarly, Who left Channel 10 San Diego?

Steve Atkinson, a former anchor for 10News.

Also, it is asked, Where did Steve Atkinson go?

Steve Atkinson of Channel 10 and his wife Katherine invite Ranch & Coast to their gorgeous house in Rancho Santa Fe on a beautiful Saturday morning. The spring rains have finally given way to sunlight, which has spilled into their large indoor-outdoor living space.

Secondly, What happened to Tim Lake from Channel 10 News?

Lake authored three novels after leaving WCAU: Henderson Harbor (2012), Association Island (2013), and Hang on and Fly, A Post-War Story of Plane Crash Tragedies, Heroism, and Survival (both 2013). (2015).

Also, What happened Pete Scalia?

Pete was extremely open about his struggle with severe rheumatoid arthritis while working at Columbus TV, which led him to have both hips and knees replaced and damaged his feet and hands. At the age of 30, he was diagnosed with the condition, which he had for 18 years.

People also ask, Who is Steve Atkinson?

With co-anchors Lindsey Pea and Kimberly Hunt, Steve Atkinson co-anchors 10News at 5, 6, 7 and 11 p.m. In 1989, he started his career in Arkansas, but later moved to Texas, where he worked for KVUE-TV in Austin and WFAA-TV in Dallas.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is Calvin Hughes wife?

Calvin Hughes / WifeBacardi L. Jackson, Esq

Did Jacey Birch get married?

Jacey Birch, a morning anchor for WPLG-Channel 10, has filed for divorce from her three-year-long spouse, former Local 10 weatherman Trent Aric. The action follows an unpleasant incident in a parking lot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood last month.

What happened to Lydia Kulbida?

Lydia Kulbida, a long-time WNYT anchor, has been fired from the Menands television station’s top-rated newscasts. Kulbida’s contract with “NewsChannel 13” will not be extended, despite the fact that she has worked with the station for over nine years.

Who did Solomon Syed replace on WTEN?

At the end of January, Solomon Syed will join WTEN/WXXA. Tim Lake is departing WTEN/WXXA after more than five years. As a reporter and anchor, the journalist joined the station in January 2016.

What happened to Karina Nova?

10TV’s anchorwoman Karina Nova is expected to depart the station later this month for a new position in San Francisco. Karina Nova, a morning anchor at WBNS-TV (Channel 10), is leaving for a new position in San Francisco later this month. The 24th of January will be her final day.

How old is Yolanda Harris?

Yolanda Harris, age 52 (1970)Yolanda Harris, age 52 (1970)Yolanda Harris, age 52 (1970)Yo

What happened Carol Lebeau?

The former Coronado resident currently resides in Charleston, West Virginia, with her husband Tom. Carol says she misses the water the most, apart from her friends and coworkers at 10News. Carol, who used to be a competitive swimmer in San Diego County, is still winning races in her age category.

What does Billy Ray Smith do now?

Smith spent his entire 10-year NFL career with the Chargers. He left the broadcasting industry in 1992 and currently co-hosts a sports talk radio program in San Diego.

Where is Calvin Hughes now?

Hughes, his wife, boys, and daughter live in Miramar, Florida.

Why did Laurie Jennings leave Channel 10?

At Channel 10, you will always remain the queen of our hearts.” Jennings announced her resignation from the anchor position on April 8 to spend more time with her elderly parents, who are 80 and 87 years old, and her twin boys, who are 13 years old.

Who is Laurie Jennings husband?

Laurie Jennings was accustomed to being in the spotlight as a television news anchor and reporter for 30 years, but her personal life became highly public during her engagement and marriage to Josh Salman.

How old is Judy Durda?

42 years old (Janu.) Age / Julie Durda

Who is Jacey Birch married to now?

Consolo, Bobby Jacey Birch (m.?–2013) / Spouse

Why did Neki Mohan quit?

Mohan’s choice to quit Local 10 was influenced by his family’s knowledge and self-awareness gained over a lifetime. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, but after her mother, a housekeeper, and her father split, she moved to Trinidad and Tobago to live with her grandparents.

Where is Laurie Jennings now?

Laurie’s own broadcast media firm, “Laurie Jennings LIVE,” is already up and running. Laurie is giving her unique energy and skill set to firms and people wishing to improve their on-camera appearance and brand as she moves from a news anchor to a TV personality and brand ambassador.

What happened to Elisa Streeter?

Elisa Streeter, a nightly anchor at WTEN News10 ABC for more than 30 years, will be retiring at the end of the year. “After 30 amazing years here at News10, I will be retiring at the end of this year!” said Streeter on Facebook.

What channel is Benita Zahn on?

Benita Zahn, one of the Capital Region’s longest-serving news anchors, revealed on live Tuesday that she would be leaving WNYT News Channel 13 to pursue a career as a health coach.

Who is Andrew Kinsey?

Andrew is a veteran journalist who has won many Emmy awards. Andrew gave viewers in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan a front-row seat to the day’s major news items for more than six years.

Is Pete Scalia leaving 10TV?

Scalia is leaving WBNS-TV and intends to devote his time to helping others. Pete Scalia claimed his resignation from WBNS-TV (Channel 10) as a morning anchor was a “mutual choice” and “excellent timing in many respects.” Scalia’s last public appearance was on Friday.

Where is Angela Pace?

Angela Pace is a Director of Community Affairs at Wbns Tv in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States.

Who is Bree Walker married to?

1990–1999: Jim Lampleym 1980–1990: Robert Smith Walkerm

Who is Carol LeBeau married to?

Carol LeBeau, a former KGTV news anchor who retired in 2009 after 28 years, and her husband, Tom, have purchased a home near Charleston, West Virginia.

Is Billy Ray Smith ill?

Billy Ray Smith, a defensive lineman who spent 13 seasons in the NFL and competed in two Super Bowls with the Baltimore Colts, died Wednesday at his home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was 66 years old at the time. According to his son Billy Ray Jr., the reason was cancer problems.


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